Evelyn Milano – Take the Plunge!

Evelyn Milano - Take the Plunge!

In this POV style ‘Financial Domination Humilaition’ clip Domme Evelyn is wearing a black and gold shiny bikini. You will become her financial slave if you complete the tasks she gives you in this clip. No Nudity. No Sex.

“Evelyn Milano – Humiliation Domme: the Elite Dominant minx you can’t get enough of. Financial Domination & Humiliation is my speciality. I make you my play-toy, empty your wallet, and humiliate you all while mind-fucking you. I leave you craving more, it’s a vicious never-ending cycle.

So you filled out the slave application and you’re ready to take the plunge in being my slave huh? I’m not sure you’re ready to be my slave, in fact you might get rejected! Well, maybe I’ll take you on a probationary status. Only if you promise to be a good little bitch and spoil me to the max! Sacrifice it all for me.”

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