Galactic Goddess – Be My Bf’s BBC Cocksucker!

Galactic Goddess - Be My Bf's BBC Cocksucker!

This was a custom clip. Use of the name Chris/Christina’** You’re my bitch Chris. And I love it. But…my boyfriend found out and he’s pissed as hell! You’re in trouble but you have options! You can either fight him (you’ll lose, he’s a bodybuilder!) OR you can become HIS bitch and his personal little cocksucker! But you need to make this decision RIGHT NOW! He’s on his way home from the gym HURRY UP! You’ll be his bitch, I knew it. Well GOOD because I already bought you some adorable pink lingerie for him! I know a cocksucking loser when I see one! So put these on and stretch that jaw out for my Bf’s BBC!

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