Galactic Goddess – Happily Ever After

Galactic Goddess - Happily Ever After

The wedding night is what it’s all about right? Where you get to finally become a man (essentially). You’re gorgeous new wife Miss Asari wants you to enjoy this Honeymoon to it’s full potential. That lovely, white, lace lingerie piece you bought for her is quite a sexy little number. But she thinks it would look far better on YOU darling, she’s already quite content with what she has on. You’re shocked when she gets a bit assertive and demanding with her kinky wishes of what she wants you to do…and what you’re going to be called. Your night takes an even more obscure route when she stands to reveal she has a humongous COCK! You thought you were going to deflower her didn’t you? Ha ha, how cute. Well how did our vows go, honey? Until d3@th do us part? You get to have my lady dick forever baby! Happily Ever After 🙂

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