GcupBitch (aka Jessica G Banks ) Pretty Shiny Things Findom JOI

GcupBitch (aka Jessica G Banks ) Pretty Shiny Things Findom JOI

You just can’t get enough of Me in My hot little bikinis, especially when they’re so pretty and shiny like this one! Here I’m using My super sexy bikini body with all My delicious curves to seduce you into sending Me MORE pretty shiny things. haha! I like pretty shiny things too you know 😉 I’m so seductive, bratty and manipulative, you can’t help but submit and give Me what I want, since I tease you until your little brain goes almost totally numb with My ass waving slowly and seductively in your face, My giant tits and all My curves, plus My shiny pink lips, naught pigtails and spoiled bratty attitude. How can you possibly resist??

In this masturbatrix tease video I’m wearing a shiny metallic and fishnet bikini that really shows off My curves, and using My body and seductive, manipulative ways to tease you to your breaking point. I tell you to stroke for Me but just when you’re ready to explode I make you give ME some pretty shiny things, and when that is done I resume My sexy teasing and stroke instructions to show you just how good it feels to give Me what I want! hehe. I am so sexy, so seductive, so confident, so demanding yet so playful, there is no resisting Me!!

This bikini dome video clip features masturbatrix JOI, tease and denial, financial domination and cum countdown with LOTS of shiny bikini ass worship, big tits cleavage tease and spoiled bratty manipulation.

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