Goddes Jessi Belle – CBT Head Edging JOI

Goddes Jessi Belle - CBT Head Edging JOI

You so desperately want to cum for me, but I think I have taken it too easy on you so I want you to work for it. I want you to go through an obstacle course for me. You’re going to need two rubberbands and some tape. I want to make this a little bit harder for you and give you a little less room to work with. Get your cock nice and hard for me, but don’t get too excited I just need you to be a little excited so you can use the tape and wrap it around your shaft, leaving your head and balls exposed. I want there to be less skin, less cock for you to jerk off. You’re going to be focusing on your cock head for me! Your balls and just below your head will be tied off with rubberbands. You’re going to pay special attention to your cock head for me. I tell you how I want you to jerk off and tell you how I want you to cum while I tease you with my adorable feet and tits.

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