Goddess Alexandra Snow – Crushed by Cleavage

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Crushed by Cleavage

I am obsessed with large breasts. You, a mischievous and large busted mistress can have fun with this. You say you can make your breasts grow for me right in front of my eyes. Since I always wanted to see you with even larger breasts, how can I resist? The catch is, you will shrink me, and your breasts will get bigger and bigger from my point of view, not that they will grow.

The shrinking agent will be such that the more aroused I get, the more I will shrink. You will get me more and more aroused with your increasingly larger compared to myself breasts and eventually encourage me to play with myself to get off and relieve the arousal. However, if I cum, it will trigger a final shrinking spell where I will shrink past the vanishing point. Its up to you to be so sexy and seductive to get me to cum, even in the face of this knowledge. I know you can.

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