Goddess Alexandra Snow – Deep Sleep Dream Hyp N0 s!s

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Deep Sleep Dream Hyp N0 s!s

Goddess Alexandra SnowI want you to listen to this as you’re getting ready for bed. I want you completely relaxed, close your eyes. Take a deep breath and listen to my soft, sensual voice. Let all of the stress from you day begin to fade. I’m going to have you drift off into sleep after I put you into trance. From trance to deep sleep, you’re going to slip so easily. One moment you’ll be aware of hearing my voice and the next you’ll be waking up from sleep. And when you awaken, the first thing you will think of is me. So fade and drift.. It feels so good to relax and just let go.. You will effortlessly, slip into trance. Sink into your bed, feel everything fade away.. So deep now, deep sleep.. Good boy. So Very Deep. It feels so good to be here, so relaxed. Now wrap your hand around your cock and begin to stroke. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Stroke and go deeper. I want you to drift off into such a beautiful deep sleep. Down, down, deeper and deeper. The more you stroke the deeper you go. Doesn’t that feel good? Yes you love the place I’m taking you down into. Stroke for me, go deeper. Letting it all go.. And the more you stroke, the closer you get to orgasm, the closer you get to sleep. I want you to drift off into sleep thinking of me, stroking for me. All of your dreams all night are going to be of me. You’re going to dream of me every night in that deep, deep sleep. Your dreams of me will be so strong and vivid. You can feel me in your subconscious mind. You’re so eager to fall asleep and dream of me. I will haunt you in your dreams. But it will feel so good, it feels so good to let go for me. All resistance is gone. I’ll be the first thing on your mind when you wake up, and the last voice you will hear before you fall asleep each night. I will begin to infiltrate every subconscious thought until I’m fully present in your consciousness. Stroking to me when you’re awake, dreaming of me while you sleep. There will be no escape from me. And you want this, don’t you? You need more and more of me in your life. Feel the desire build. Stroking harder now. Your orgasm building inside of you. And as soon as you cum you will drift off into sleep only to dream of me. Your cock will grow hard again in your sleep, as you dream of me and then you will think of me as soon as your eyes open in the morning. Drift off into sleep. Goodnight…

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