Goddess Alexandra Snow – Spirit of Lust

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Spirit of Lust

A whole new level of transformation effects! I’m cleaning out this old garage left by my great grandfather when I find a strange wooden box that seems to hum with energy. When I open it, I find a large crystal that is glowing with it’s own light. I’m utterly entranced and can’t help but stare deeply into the glowing stone.. but within a few moments, it overwhelms me and I pass out. When I come to, I feel strange. The crystal is still in my hand but the light swirls overhead before plummeting into me! I convulse and thrash as the spirit takes over my body and mind, but she’s too strong for me to fight. The warmth spreads throughout my body as I am consumed by this spirit, long held captive in the stone. It seems I was the perfect vessel for this lustful spirit..

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