Goddess Alexandra Snow – Super Cum Puddle

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Super Cum Puddle

You, the amazing Spiderman, have been on the hunt for your precious city’s latest menace. When you follow the leads, you find yourself in a lush penthouse with a beautiful woman dressed in shiny black latex. She purrs in greeting, “Look what we have here? A little spider.. did you think you were clever? I led you here.” She dares you to try to stop her as she listens to your superhero spiel about truth and justice. While you’re talking, you’re unaware of the room filling with a peculiar scent. Your Spidey sense never went off!

Your eyes roll back in your head as you feel fuzzy and light-headed, weak to defend yourself. She laughs, “are you feeling weak, little spider? Or should I say, Mr. Parker? You don’t stand a chance. The same chemicals that cause delirium and hallucinations also cause orgasms. It’s now running through your body. The more I sway in front of you, the harder that cock gets. The more I tease you, the closer you get to exploding all over yourself. I’m going to drain you dry of your manhood and leave you in a little puddle. “

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