Goddess Canna – Curing your foot fetish

I hear you have an embarrassing foot fetish you’d like to get rid of? Well I have plenty of other amazing assets to distract you. Stroke for me while I tease you with my breasts and ass, you are going to cum for them instead of my feet. Then you will realize that feet never turned you on in the first place! Listen to my instructions and stroke as I strip down.

Mmm, do you like stroking for my natural curves? Keep stroking for me, I know it feels good. But then right as you’re close to cuming I pull out my cute little tootsies! Come on addict, you will never be cured of your foot fetish!! It is deep in your brain and you can never be fixed. You will always be a perverted foot faggot. You will only cum for feet, nothing else will ever work!

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