Goddess Canna – Young Domme Makes Virgin Her Slave

Goddess Canna - Young Domme Makes Virgin Her Slave

This is a custom clip request, the name Jake is used throughout. Email me for your own custom clip quote goddesscanna at yahoo.Your younger sister is having a sleep over and after everyone’s fallen asleep I wander into your room. Listen, I know that you like me, I’ve seen you staring at my ass, legs, and large breasts. You try to deny you like me but you eventually admit it’s true. You try to argue that I’m too young but the bulge in your pants disagrees. Don’t you think it’s time to get undressed and ready for bed?Your lame attempts at resisting me are kind of cute but it’s getting old. You were never in control, I knew you would give in before I walked in. Weak men are easily dominated by the sensual curves of superior women. I may be young but I have so many men already wrapped about my finger. So stop fighting me, we both know you don’t want to. As you lay there beneath me I call in all my girlfriends waiting outside the door. I didn’t come here to talk or to flirt, I came here to to make you my slave and have all my friends watch, including your sister. They’ve come to watch your humiliation, to take pictures, to kiss, tease, fondle you. I lift my shirt and we all laugh at the first tits you’ve ever seen. Poor virgin hasn’t kissed a girl or seen a real pair of breasts! This is going to be SO easy, you’re probably already in love with me! So weak, so pathetic you’ll easily be hyp notized to be my slave and play toy.Now the easy way to ensure I own you completely? Giving the virgin an orgasm. Completely nude I stroke, tease, lick your virgin cock. I edge you making you swear to be my slave, making you beg for your orgasm. Your manhood is so fragile, so vulnerable. Females are strong, they aren’t controlled by pleasure like weak men. When I’m satisfied I allow you to finish as we all laugh. Another weak male conquered.

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