Goddess Jasmine – Clip Addiction

Goddess Jasmine - Clip Addiction

This addiction has really got a hold of you. It rules your life. Every single thing in your life is centered around your huge addiction to Femdom clips.

You have become nothing but a loner since you first discovered Femdom. It has gone from one curios clip to a daily binge. You have to have every single clip possible. It now doesn’t matter what the clip contains, what I am wearing, even what I am saying you just have to have it. If you don’t you feel depressed, you don’t feel normal. It is like a drug to you, itching for your next fix like the little addict you are.

Have you ever thought that there is a possibility that one day I might decide to give it all up. Never upload a clip again, I will be gone, forever and there is nothing you could do. How would you feel? Does it feel you with dread?

I shatter any sane, normal, sensible thoughts and penetrate your mind, corrupting it and pushing all those self destruct buttons and you love it. Keep spending addict.

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