Goddess Jasmine – Coerced BI JOI

Goddess Jasmine - Coerced BI JOI

Look what I have here, lots and lots of DICK and I know how that makes your perverted mind feel.

I bet you can’t look away. I bet it makes you hard and fucks with your head. This what you fantasize about. being a gay starlet. Can you not jerk to this? As I tease and torment you for your little secret. Manipulating and weakening your horny mind. This is yet another occasion where you will jack off to your gay tendencies, your perverted fag thoughts. You know this is the ONLY way to get you off these days. You fantasize about the taste of a real cock, the feel of a real cock and you ache to be this dirty little cum slut but you do nothing about it.

I tease and torment you, encourage and twisting your obsession. You ache for cock, desperate to be my little sucker. So show me how much you LOVE cock, worship like the true little fag bitch you really are. I want you to prove to be just how devoted you are. I mean it is about time you really showed me just what a good slave you are.

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