Goddess Jasmine – Losers Deserve ABUSE

Goddess Jasmine - Losers Deserve ABUSE

You deserve nothing more than the wrath of my viscous tongue. You shall sit there, hanging your head in shame as I verbally attack you for everything anything. I will strip you of any dignity and I will abuse you no bars hold. What a freak you have become. A total junk off junkie, you stroke your lonely loser dick at any opportunity. You spend every waking hour stuck to your computer, watching Femdom videos and stroking yourself silly.You are a sad, only reject. A LONER who will always live this life. You would rather hide away in your room and obsess over HOT girls like me who are totally out of your league. You fantasize about pussy, that’s closest you will get to one. Teased and tormented with my HOT CURVACEOUS body you enter the shameful world of degradation yet again. Staring at perfection whilst mindlessly stroking, my bitchy words penetrating straight to the core. You are trapped in a loser cycle and there really is no escape. Your life is a joke, so so pathetic. I enjoy destroying any ego you may have, breaking you down mentally bit by bit. I never hold back in my harsh words, bullying you is just so much fun. You will jerk off to the insults and bitchiness in this clip because your a LOSER! With every stroke of that worthless dick reminding yourself of what a useless piece of sh.1t you really are! Also available in MP4

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