Goddess Jasmine – My Addict

Goddess Jasmine - My Addict

My addict you are, from the moment you set your perverted eyes on my beauty you were sucked in and never looked back. Everything about me consumes you, I never leave your mind. I am your everything, life would be one huge depressive hole without me. I give you meaning and worshiping me gives you the greatest feeling in the world.

Your obsession grows daily and I want you to be addicted. Luring you in with my hot, sexy pictures, teasing you with what you will never have fuels your mind and encourages your infatuation. Go on, look at my curves, set your eyes on my juicy ass and feed your addiction further. It doesn’t matter what I produce, what Im wearing or even how much it costs, you have to have it. I am your drug and will be forever. Get your dose addict.

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