Goddess Madam Violet – Deeper Than you Know

Goddess Madam Violet - Deeper Than you Know

Multilayered hypn0t1c techniques, seduction, trickery, conditioning, mind fuckery, My beautiful smile and TITS. Perfect, luscious breasts. Let Me tell you a secret slave, you are in far DEEPER than you realise. Partly because you are in denial, mainly because My psychological reprogramming is INSIDIOUS. EVERY single word that has ever come from My perfect lips has SHAPED your brain, without you truly understanding the ramifications. But don’t worry I will explain them to you. After I’ve fucked around with your mind using a myriad of clinical techniques veiled with heavy SEDUCTION, studded spine tingling snaps, I systematically break you down into My automaton, SO empty minded, so HARD to think clearly as I TEASE My luscious tits. Using the trigger word ‘Dumb’ and the SNAP of My finger I DRAIN your brain of coherent thoughts, My beauty, the POWER in My eyes too much. Soon you are stroking your cock because I want you so AROUSED, you know how DUMB being hard makes you, this way you won’t resist when I explain how irreversibly addicted you are. It simply makes you HARDER, knowing there is No escape, knowing the damage has already been done. Lose yourself in My JUICY breasts as I squeeze and caress them, do not listen to your imbedded COMMANDS, do not think about how ironic it is that as I tell you of your predicament I am reinforcing the very programming which got you here! I know you want to CUM. I know you NEED to CUM now slave but I have other plans. Before I bring you out of trance I leave you with a delicious post hypn0t1c command – delayed instant arousal. Oh yes, you WILL cum, but NOT now, your orgasm is not the point, your predicament is : ) Contains: , countdown, finger snaps, trigger words, NLP, confusion, visual , future pacing, brainwashing, psychological programming, layered tracks. Tit worship, tease, denial, orgasm control, post trance orgasm command.


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