Goddess Randy Moore – Detective Tease

Goddess Randy Moore - Detective Tease

You’re a detective who has come to my house to ask some important questions. I gladly let you in, and you notice the sexy, tight and short outfit I’m wearing. You have a seat and start asking me about my day…First I tell you about how I got my hair and nails done…and then about how I got my pussy waxed. I love having a sweet smooth pussy…just talking about it gets me turned on. I keep crossing and uncrossing my legs, giving you little peeks of my white lace panties. I ask you if you’d like something to drink…and when I come back I set your drink and my panties on the table in front of you! I sit back down and let you resume the questions, white I tease you more and more with my long legs and bare pussy lips. I get so horny seeing the bulge in your pants that I can’t help but play with myself while you watch. Soon I’m plunging my finger in and out of my wet cunt talking dirty to you. I give myself a nice big orgasm, and then tell you that it’s time I take you into the bedroom, so you can fuck my brains out…

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