Goddess Randy Moore – Humiliating The New Guy

Goddess Randy Moore - Humiliating The New Guy

My friend Randi and I were talking about the new guy that just got hired. He so so awkward! He’s been staring at us ever since he was hired…so we call him in and decide to have some fun with him. We threaten him with harassment charges unless he does what we tell him to. We flash him a little…and then we tell him to pull out his dick…cause we want to see his hard-on. He does…and OMG…it’s sooo small! So we can’t help ourselves…we laugh at him so hard…and we tease and make fun of. It’s so ridiculous looking…how could he ever fuck a girl with it??? We show him our tits to see if it will grow…well. it might have gotten hard…but it’s still so tiny. We tell him to stroke it with two fingers…yeah, rub that nub! We even take a picture of it… and then we make it put it away and we don’t let him cum! Haha!!

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