Goddess Randy Moore – Pathetic Dick Therapy

Goddess Randy Moore - Pathetic Dick Therapy

So it’s time for another session. It’s good that you’re seeking my help to get over your insecurities…about all of your sexual inadequacies. I understand…your undersized penis leaves women unsatisfied. And worse yet, it just dribbles out cum. It’s helpful that you like to use your tongue…girls like that…as foreplay. But ultimately they want a nice hard cock, and you just don’t measure up (haha). Let me see it…go ahead, pull that little thing out and jerk it for me while I tease you with my sexy body ( I know you jerk off to me). Don’t cum till I tell you…and don’t you dare mess up my office with your spunk! Dribble your little load into your hand. Now lick up every drop. Gross! You’re so pathetic. Well that’s it for today’s session. See you next week…

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