Goddess Randy Moore – Seducing The Boss

Goddess Randy Moore - Seducing The Boss

Randy and Randi, are two hot, but underpaid research assistants who’ve worked hard for years with no raises…They go in to the Boss’ office with a report…and a plan. They’ve noticed that the Boss always stares at their sexy stocking-ed legs, so they cross and uncross their silky legs, the skirts ride up, and he sees glimpses of paradise as those creamy thighs momentarily part.

He’s weak…and getting weaker. The thought of having these two gorgeous office girls seduce him turns his brain to mush…and by the time they unbutton enough to show him some irresistibly lush cleavage, he’s putty in their hands, and barely notices when they hand him some papers that need his signature.

As soon as he he hands it back, the girls tell the startled Boss that he’s signed over 51% of the company to them, so now they’re in charge, and he works for them! He got what he deserved!

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