Goddess Randy Moore – The Shrinking Dick

Goddess Randy Moore - The Shrinking Dick

You and I return to my house, at the end of our third date together. We seem to be very much into each other, but I ask you why you haven’t tried to have sex with me yet. You confess that it’s because you’re cursed! You say that every time you have sex with a beautiful woman, you shrink, and your penis shrinks! I don’t believe you and make you prove it. We go into the bedroom where I strip down, taking my skirt and panties off and pulling my big tits out. I see this has made your big cock get really hard, so I start to suck it. I can’t resist and jump on it and start riding it. As soon as I start getting into it, I notice that something happens….You start shrinking! The more I ride you, the smaller you get…your muscles shriveling up, your cock diminishing, and you start to look less and less confident. I get off on humiliating your little shrinking cock, so I keep riding you until I make you cum…ultimately leaving you weak and tiny!

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