Goddess Stroke Your Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

Goddess Stroke Your Way To Better Sex with Your Wife or Girlfriend

This clip is a roleplay hypnotherapy session with glitter goddess in which you want her to help you to better sex with your wife. She sits in front of you while occasionally caressing her legs, standing up and showing her ass. She tells you to relax and slip into hypnosis for her then shows you her ass to get hard and explains that her kind of therapy is stroke therapy which means you have to stroke for her. At the end she gives you a cum countdown and snaps for you to cum.

Studio Description: This is even better than a dream come true! I have found a way to harness the pleasure and power of your desire to stroke for me to help areas of your life you have been wanting to improve. Thusly, my Erotic Hypno-Therapy* Series is born! The control and dominance I have over you will begin to add pleasure to other areas of your life.

In this video we will explore having better sex with your wife or girlfriend. As your therapist, my techniques are rather… nontraditional, but you aren’t looking for the same old thing anyway, are you?
It’s something you undoubtedly desire and unknowingly, so does she. So do a favor to you both and see how much better your sex will be after I’m done with you. You’ll thank me later once your girl starts asking you what you did or who you talked with to be so much better in bed! But, shh! It will be our little secret! Isn’t that right my good boy?
*All mention of therapy is for entertainment purposes only

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