Goddess Tierra – Reject’s 2-Year Anniversary

Goddess Tierra - Reject's 2-Year Anniversary

It’s Larry the rejects 2 year anniversary since he first took that first step and bought his very first clip. Now look at him… a compulsive, obsessed jerking addict who cant stay away from perfect ebony Goddess Tierra! This loser is truly obsessed with every bit of me. That one clip turned into 100’s, that first tribute turned into $1000’s of dollars and now he is putty in my hands. This ‘anniversary’; clip is simple, I am going to continue to mindfuck and ruin him till he has nothing left. Even his ugly wife has left his sorry ass. He will never have real sex ever again the only thing he needs in his pathetic life is ME mindfucking it all away! Im irresistible in this little outfit its so easy for me to fuck with you suckers. You are all just like the reject Larry and will never escape your superior ebony Goddess!

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