Goddess Tierra – Wearing Your Cash

Goddess Tierra - Wearing Your Cash

My entire closet is stocked full of YOUR ca$h! Some days I go out and my outfits cost more than your entire months salary! I never have to buy clothes, do you know why? I have addicts just like you who cant resist buying me sexy dresses, lingerie, bikini’s etc. Lets face it, when you go look at my wishlist, you get in instant boner thinking of me wearing all these things your GOING to buy me! Thinking about me in these outfits leads to you jerking and jerking leads to SPENDING because you cant control your cock and wallet around me! That’s just how I got this gorgeous short silk dress! mmmm it looks so sexy on my curves, don’t you love seeing your ca$h on my body darrell? Have my wishlist link ready, after watching this your going to be scrambling to buy me sexy things to tease you in!

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