Hero’s weakness – Goddess Canna

Hero’s weakness - Goddess Canna

Well Hero, I see you’ve found me. Are you going to take me in and spoil my fun? No man has before and you won’t be any different. What’s wrong, are you feeling strange? Weak? Maybe it’s this vaporizer I’m puffing on, releasing pheromones in the air. You’ve been breathing them in since you walked in and it’s taking it’s effect. Just one more strong dose…
You can’t resist me Hero. So aroused and unable to resist you begin stroking for me. You’ve always wanted to stroke for the Villain, but what kind of example would that set? Now you are helpless and jerking for me. Dressed magnificently in thigh high boots, corset, spiked bra, and long black gloves. You will cum for me Hero and you will be mine.

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