Hubbies - Missy is Your New Step-Mommy

Hubbies – Missy is Your New Step-Mommy

“What can I say. I fell in love with your daddums while you and I were dating. Aww, dont be a crybaby. We can still have our own special time together. I’ll be coming into your room every night to tuck you into bed. Mommy Missy has her own special method of settling naughty boys down. After I rub your little nubby with lotion and ointment, you can ask me for permission to make a cummie. But you have to call me Mommy Missy, cause I’m not your girlfriend any more. When I tell you to Make it for Mommy, you’re allowed to make a nice little cummie for Mommy. Then, after I wipe up your little boy mess, Im gonna powder your little peanut and lock you into the chastity tube Mommy got for you. You’re going to be in chastity all the time for Mommy Missy. Because I know what a bad boy you can be. Time for beddy-byes, little man. Pull down your PJ bottoms and show Mommy Missy your little solider…”

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