Hubbies – Tiffani and Becky Change Your Diaper

Hubbies - Tiffani and Becky Change Your Diaper

Tiffani and Becky are your cruel babysitters. They saw you make a humiliating present in your Pampers for them, but they won’t change your diapers and refuse to even listen to you until you confess what you did in your diapers using babytalk — on your knees with your thumb in your mouth! After teasing and taunting you with babybabble, Tiffani and Becky make you do a potty dance in your messy diapers before setting you down on the changing pad to give you a diaper change, with lots of teasing, laughing, pointing at you and funny faces, as they peel your diaper off to wipe you, powder you, and rub rash ointment all over your bum-bum and ding-dong. By the time Tiffani and Becky tape you into a fresh diaper, you are going to feel totally belittled! Nobody mocks and teases like Tiffani and Becky. Prepare to have a very red face with your soggy diaper bottom!

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