HumiliationPOV – Goddess Alexandra Snow – Hypnotic Edging Trance

HumiliationPOV - Goddess Alexandra Snow - Hypnotic Edging Trance

I want you to slowly edge yourself. This is going to be a long, intense, hyp n0 t!c edging session. So relax, take some deep breaths, and listen to the sound of my voice as you stare at my beauty. You’re going to fall deep for me as you edge your cock. The more you edge, the more you listen, the deeper you will go. Your cock belongs to me now. Say it. Good boy. Now relax deeper and continue to edge for me, slowly. With every stroke you’re going to go further down into trance. And every set of ten slow strokes, you’re going to drop another level into trance. Go deeper.

Now a little bit faster, count to ten, and deeper. Keep going and with every ten strokes I want you to try to get yourself closer and closer to orgasm. Deeper, deeper asleep. That’s it, you feel it. Now the closer you get to orgasm the deeper and deeper you go. With every wave of pleasure you can’t help yourself from falling deeper. You are so helpless to get away from the feeling of pleasure as you go even deeper. Now let go and just drift.

Keep edging and edging and falling and falling as you get closer and closer to orgasm, work yourself right to the edge as you get harder and harder and plummet deeper into trance. Right to the edge and stop, hands off, I want you feel yourself sliding deeper.

Now work yourself up to another edge. Feel my control over you as you edge again for me. It feels so good to edge, feel the bliss, the pleasure as you drift and float. Right on the edge.. and stop. Go deeper into trance. Now edge again. The deeper you go the better it feels, and you’re so deep by now. The closer you get to orgasm the deeper you go, so bring yourself to the edge again. I’m going to tease and deny you over and over.

Feel the orgasm building over and over again. Feel what I can do to you. It feels so good, you don’t want this to ever stop. Lost in an edging trance

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