HumiliationPOV – Kelly Sunshine – Humiliating Pity Orgasm from Your Crush

HumiliationPOV - Kelly Sunshine - Humiliating Pity Orgasm from Your Crush

I’m so glad youve been here to talk with me about my asshole ex boyfriend. Im so glad its over, now I can go party and be single. Thats fun for me. And now you and I are talking and I know that youve had a crush on me for a long time. You dont have to be shy about it. I know that Im hot and I know that you like me. Yea I can tell youre getting turned on just being near me. Dont deny it. I can see your cock getting hard in your pants. Have you been thinking about touching my soft skin? My perfect body that you have been craving for so many years..

Do you want to kiss me? LOL! Are you fucking kidding me?? No Way Loser! Did you really think that a hot girl like me would want anything to do with a loser like you? Eww did you really think I would let you touch me? Fucking idiot. Ill bet you thought somewhere in your twisted reality that I was going to fuck you! LOL! Just because you listened to me doesnt mean Im going to fuck you. But I find it so hilarious how turned on you got and how you thought your fantasy of being with me, your long time crush, would come true. Well it wont, ever.

But I might be open to letting you pull your loser dick out for me and allowing you a little pity jerkoff, lol! Would you like that? Do you want to be a weak little loser for me? So go on, pull that dick out and show me all those years of built up desire you have stored in that cock for me, show me just how much I turn you on. I want you to stroke your cock for me. Yes even now after Ive been laughing at you, teasing you and putting you in your place, I want you down on your knees, stroking for me like an idiot. I want to completely humiliate you.

Stroke it for me loser. You got so turned on when you thought you were going to fuck me and now youre completely humiliated before me, jerking off on your knees. I was just fucking with you, I get off on humiliating you. But yet youre still so turned on. I just love manipulating you. Im so hot and have so much power over you that even while Im degrading you, you still cant get enough. You still want to stroke your cock for me and cum for me, even though its just a pity orgasm that Im allowing you in my presence. And youre going to do it because youre so weak and pathetic. And Im only doing it to humiliate you and have this hilarious story, and even though you know all of this you still cant stop yourself.

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