HumiliationPOV – Kelly Sunshine – Mindfucking Stupid Addicted Cash Spending Pigs

HumiliationPOV - Kelly Sunshine - Mindfucking Stupid Addicted Cash Spending Pigs

Here you are again, all alone, with your loser cock in your hand, spending more money on your embarrassing addiction. Do you think you’ll ever stop spending? I don’t. You can’t, you love it too much. You love jerking off and you have this need to pay for it. And this isn’t just about cumming, if it was there are so many other ways. You need to hurt yourself financially to feel any pleasure. That’s so fucked up but you can’t stop, can you? Stroking and spending has become an addiction, a compulsion. You love every fucking second of it. It’s a rush, it’s like a drug to you. And you can’t stop.

As soon as you sit down to jerk your brain automatically starts to pull out that credit card, and then you feel your cock twitch, then and only then. It won’t react any other way. Then you feel such a rush when you add another charge to your already deep in debt account. Edging your cock as you spend and spend, until you cum. And then you sit there, full of remorse for what you’ve just done, again. Yes, you did it again. You can’t stop.

You know it’s not healthy. You tell yourself all the time that you’re going to stop. You know you’re spending too much. But you just can’t stop, here you are again. Stupid brain loser. I want you to admit it, You get off on the idea of being broke and alone. Say it. How pathetic is that? Your goal is to be a broke, bankrupt loser pay piggy. And just hearing me say that makes your cock twitch even more. Yes, you know it’s true. Feel your cock pulsate in your hands to my words, loser.

You love when hot, greedy brats like me push you deeper and deeper into your addiction. I know you what you need. And you need me because I understand you. Deep down you want to let it all go. You want to live a life where your only responsibility is stroking and paying. Isn’t that right, loser?

You crave spending all of your cash on a spoiled brat who doesn’t give a fuck about you. You long to be fucked over. It consumes your thoughts. You need this. You beg for it. You want to be drained, bankrupt. Is that what you want, loser? You want me to take all of your fucking money? I know you do. It turns you on pay and pay and pay until it hurts, until you’re broke and alone. And I won’t care because I don’t give a fuck about you. But what’s even more fucked up is that you don’t give a fuck about yourself either. You just want to be a pay pig masturbation addict.

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