HumiliationPOV – Kelly Sunshine – This Isn’t Just a Fantasy Anymore – Reality Check

HumiliationPOV - Kelly Sunshine - This Isn't Just a Fantasy Anymore - Reality Check

Oh loser, look, you’re back again to be humiliated. How surprising! You come every day to this site to check for the new updates. Admit it, this is the most exciting part of your day! That’s fucking pathetic! You come here every day and jerk your useless cock over and over and that’s the best part of your life? How fucking sad. Really. What the fuck is wrong with you? You are fucking worthless. And you come here every day to hear what a fucking loser you are. You fucking live to be degraded.

This isn’t just some fantasy anymore, you’ve lost touch with reality. Nothing in your ‘real world’ matters to you like this does, because nothing else gives you this kind of a rush. And you need it, like an addict. You spend all of your money and free time here. Does that sound like a fantasy or your daily reality? You truly are a sad, pathetic loser. There’s no fantasy in that statement, it’s the truth, and you know it.

And we just laugh at you, we laugh, tell you how pathetic you are, take your fucking money, and then go on with our amazing lives. We don’t give a fuck about you. We just use you idiots while you beg for more. You Pay us to talk to you. I mean how did you fall this far? What drove you to this? Your life must fucking suck, you aren’t doing very well for yourself, are you? I mean if this is the best part of your day then your life must be so fucking sad and lonely.

You wake up and go to work to be able to come home and pay to jerk. And you do this day after day, caught spiraling down into a vicious cycle. You’re so hooked, so addicted that you’ve alienated everyone in your life. You’re all alone, lost in your chronic masturbation habit. You have no one except the girls on your screen who humiliate you. And you love this! You’re a complete fucking idiot! You’re a sad lonely fuck with a masturbation habit he can’t control. You are Nothing! No one cares about you. You’re a worthless human being.

You spend all of your money on us and buying clips because you don’t have anything else to spend it on. You don’t go out, you don’t have hobbies, so you blow all of your cash on us. And why not? We give you more attention than anyone else does. And you know what? I know that you’re jerking off Sooo hard to this right now. You feel so bad about yourself but you can’t stop jerking. You can’t! You’re so turned on by how degraded you feel right now and that’s even more pathetic. You are Nothing loser. No one cares about you. Fuck off loser! Fuck you! You’re just a lonely little masturbation addict.

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