HumiliationPOV – Kelly Sunshine – Wallet Pig Addicted to Paying My Ass

HumiliationPOV - Kelly Sunshine - Wallet Pig Addicted to Paying My Ass

I know you’re such a pathetic masturbation addict. You spend all day jerking off, cumming over and over. It’s pathetic! You’re such a loser that you have no friends so you have so much time to spend jerking off. Instead of going out, you spend all your time watching humiliation clips. Jerkoff junkies like you never have sex, you could never please a woman because all you know how to do is jerk.

So you must know by now that the only thing a loser like you has to offer a Princess like me is your wallet. So that’s what you’re going to do, pay me. I mean look at me, you know you have to pay me. You can feel it. I get whatever I want. You pay so much that I’ll bet you have your credit card number memorized, and if you don’t, get it out right now. Yes, just hearing me say that sends a rush through you. You are going to spend on my hot ass! You are addicted to my gorgeous ass. This perfect ass that you’ll never get any closer to than your computer screen. You need to pay it, don’t you loser?

You’re going to pay my ass to stare at it and jerk. And it’s going to make your cock throb, every time you pay it. Each payment to my ass will feel like a stroke on your cock. You know it’s true loser. This is all you’re good for loser. You have nothing else to offer me but your cash. When you stare at my sexy ass, you feel compelled to pay. I make so much money off of my ass from losers like you.

You’re a masturbation addicted pay pig who can’t get off unless he’s paying. I know you loser. I know how to push your buttons. You always have one hand on your cock and one hand on your credit card. You can’t stop. You have no self control. And you know the more you pay, the better it feels. You’re going to spend every day addicted to paying my ass. This is it for you, this is your life. I’m going to mindfuck you into oblivion and you’re going to thank me for draining your bank account with my ass. You deserve to be taken advantage of.

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