HumiliationPOV – London Lix – Edging Loop for Mindless Jerk Junkie Drones

HumiliationPOV - London Lix - Edging Loop for Mindless Jerk Junkie Drones

Hey loser since I know you like stroking your cock so much, I thought I’d take you through a nice little edging tease today. Get you really worked up to that point of return, just how you love to be. Becoming a mindless stroking zombie. But the catch is, I’m never going to tell you to cum. I want you to pump that cock into oblivion, stroke it until you feel like you just can’t take it any more, then I want you to take your hand off, stop, and replay this clip over and over and over again. I’m never going to tell you to cum, I just want you edging endlessly for hours.

But you love that don’t you? You love turning into a drooling, jerking drone, becoming wasted on my voice, completely mindfucked as you edge endlessly for hours on repeat. So go on, stroke it as you gaze at my perfection that you don’t even deserve to jerk to. Doesn’t it feel so good edging as I instruct you and tease you with my flawless body? Yes it does, so you’re going to be obey me and listen to these instructions for hours, over and over again. You’re going to replay this clip until your mind is mush and your cock explodes all on it’s own.

I don’t want any trace of yourself remaining. I just want you to be a drooling zombie in front of your computer screen. This is your sad life. You live for this, to jerk endlessly. This is your sex life. And I’m going to encourage it because you should be all alone, away from the rest of the world, jerking away in your fantasy world.

You’re going to play this again and again until my voice is just ringing in that empty space between your ears, until your cock is throbbing and responsive to only my voice and my body. You don’t even care about pussy anymore, you just want to jerk your life away. It feels so fucking good, doesn’t it loser? I’m going to make you such a stroking addicted puppet. You know there’s no escape from this addiction.

Jerking is your life, it’s your hobby, it’s what you spend your cash on, and you’re going to do it for hours for me tonight. Another night wasted away jerking. Edge away for me zombie. Tomorrow you’re going to hate yourself for what a pathetic jerk junkie you’ve become. But right now, you love it. You’re not going to cum until your completely mindfucked and edged out. You stupid edge junkie, you know that you’re reprogramming yourself and you can’t stop it. Now take your hand off again and get ready to play this again..

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