HumiliationPOV – Princess Ashley – I Know You Hate Her, I Hate Her Too, Divorce Her Already

HumiliationPOV - Princess Ashley - I Know You Hate Her, I Hate Her Too, Divorce Her Already

Hey loser I found something we have in common, shocking, I know because we’re like total opposites. I’m hot, dominant, bratty and perfect, and you’re just a big fucking loser. But yeah, we have something in common, we both hate your wife. LOL. That disgusting old hag, I know you don’t love her anymore. In fact, you despise her, don’t you? All she does is bitch and nag at you and she’s so unattractive. She never wants to fuck and well, you don’t really want to fuck her either. She’s disgusting, she’s completely let herself go. Unlike me, I mean why would you ever want to fuck your wife or even look at her when you could jerkoff to me. She’s ugly and she’s an annoying, nagging bitch.

I hate her too. I mean she takes money that I deserve, I should be getting all your money, none of it should be going to that stupid bitch. She gets in the way of your jerking, you always have to sneak around. You wish she was never there so you could jerk to me all the time, don’t you? She’s so lame, she would never approve you of jerking to my clips or spending on me. And you know I deserve your money more than she does. I’m way hotter and I bring you way more pleasure.

I hate her not only because she takes my money but I also hate annoying women, women that bitch, that have completely let themselves go. I mean I make sure I’m always looking fabulous and I’m always having fun. I’m not some annoying ugly bitch like your wife is. She’s such a downer, such a buzzkill. I’m so much better. I fucking hate her and the truth is, you do to, admit it.

So come on, just get rid of her, just leave her. You’ll be happier and I’ll be happier with more of your money in my hands. Really it’s my money, you just work for it. And then you’ll get to jerkoff to me whenever you want. You can worship, stroke and spend every single day without that nagging bitch getting in the way. She just ruins all your fun. You need to divorce her. You don’t want to sneak around forever behind her back, do you? I mean look at the life you’re living because of her. Sneaking around, lying, cheating. Is this how you really want to live?

You’re miserable and you hate her. You know I’m right. I mean look how turned on you are for me right now. You love jerking your cock for me and you love spending on me. Imagine if you could do that whenever you wanted. You don’t want to live like this anymore, do you loser? You want to live to jerk and spend on me. It feels so fucking good. I know you hate her, and I hate her, so do it, divorce her already. I know you already think about it all the time, don’t you? I’m tired her getting in the way of my money and our fun, got it?

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