HumiliationPOV – Princess Ashley – Perfect Princess Ass Addict

HumiliationPOV - Princess Ashley - Perfect Princess Ass Addict

You are such a fucking loser for tight, round, juicy asses, just like mine. You’re completely fucking obsessed. You’re always staring and drooling over hot girls like me and our tight asses. You get completely mesmerized by my perfect ass as you stare at it through your screen. You check out asses all day long, but you know you’ll never get one. So you just jerk to sexy asses that you’ll never have, it’s all you can do. You’re just a stupid little ass jerker.

I love teasing you, showing you what you’ll never have. From now on, the only ass you’re allowed to stare at and jerk to, is mine. And do you know why? Because you pay me for it. You don’t deserve to perv on girls’ asses for free, do you loser? No, and you know it. You need to pay to jerk to a fine ass like mine. And my ass is perfect, isn’t it loser? You don’t need any other ass when you can jerk off to one as perfect as mine. I want you so fucking addicted to my ass that you can’t cum any other way or to any other ass.

You are such a fucking loser for me and my perfect princess ass. So go on, stare at it and perv out and jerk, jerk, jerk. Jerk as I put my perfect ass right in your loser face. This is as close as you’ll ever to an ass like mine. My virtual ass on your screen is the best you can hope for. And you’re lucky I even make these videos for you to jerk to. You’re just another desperate horny loser for me to manipulate and fuck over. God it’s so easy.

Soon you’re going to be a mindless ass obsessed bitch for me. Worship my ass, fucking pay this ass. Dedicate your life to my ass. You’re getting so horny and desperate for my ass. Feel it’s power over you. My ass if amazing and you fucking love it and need it.

My ass owns you now and I control your pathetic little loser life with it. Don’t I Loser?

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