HumiliationPOV – Princess Ellie – Get a Restricted Membership to HumiliationPOV

HumiliationPOV - Princess Ellie - Get a Restricted Membership to HumiliationPOV

Believe it or not, this has been a highly requested clip from the members of HumiliationPOV! LOL you fucking idiots! This membership isn’t for everyone, only those desperate freaks who need this kind of abuse.

Do you wanna know what I think? I think there’s nothing more unattractive than a broke loser. It’s so pathetic. You have to pay for our abuse. That’s the lowest of the low. So I think, that on top of paying your monthly membership fee to HumiliationPOV, you should also buy the clips you watch. That’s right, even though you’ve already paid to watch them on the site, you need to go to a clip store and buy them again. And why? Because you’re that dumb, because that’s what you deserve. In fact, it’s what you want, you crave it, you are the type of fucked up freak that asked for this clip.

So once you buy your membership, and you’re in the site, you will browse for the clips you want to watch, and instead of pressing play, you’re going to go to a clip site like this one, and buy them all before you can watch them. Won’t that make you feel stupid? It will and that just turns you on even more. And I know you’ll be jerking off the whole time. You see you don’t pay us enough. Your membership fee is just your initial tribute.

We already have one type of membership for stupid idiots who like to be blackmailed, and that’s called our ‘Customer for Life’ membership. This is going to be a whole new type of membership. With this membership you won’t be able to download clips. In fact, after joining, we might just lock you out of the site entirely, making you even more desperate to watch our clips. Then you will be forced to buy them. But this membership isn’t for everyone, it’s only for those pathetic losers who are desperate enough to beg for it. To beg to be locked out of the site.

How will it make you feel having a restricted membership? I know for some of you this will make your stupid piggy cocks twitch. You love the thought of paying. You’re that special idiot that has to pay more for our attention. You want to be a broke loser, that turns you on. But then your value will go up and you want that, don’t you? We might even notice you, because right now, you’re just another number, another idiot who joined, we don’t even notice you. But if you take this next step, we might just pay attention to you.

You have to pay. You want us to control your life, to control your membership. You want to be locked out of the site until you can’t take it anymore, until you beg and plead to be let back in. But you won’t, not until you pay. You’ll be able to see the updates, but you won’t be able to watch them. So whether you’re an old member or a new one, write to us, and Beg, beg to be locked out! Then you will go to this clip store and you will spend until you’re broke.

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