HumiliationPOV – Princess Ellie – Princess Ellie’s Foot Piggy

HumiliationPOV - Princess Ellie - Princess Ellie's Foot Piggy

Who’s a little piggy? Are you a humiliation piggy? Or are you a foot piggy? You have a foot fetish don’t you? And lucky for you piggy, I have exactly what you need. I have on perfect, sexy black heels, silky stockings, and perfectly pedicured toes. And you’re going to get to see my feet in heels, stockings, and completely bare. It’s every foot pigs dream.

Oink for me piggy if you want to see my feet. Oink and show me your devotion as my foot pig. I want you groveling for my feet. Kiss and worship them. You love my perfect little toes hidden behind the nude colored stockings. You love how I elegantly pose my feet for you in all of your favorite positions. I know what little piggies like you crave. You crave tugging your little piggy tail on the front of your body. You wanna oink and stroke your little piggy dick for my perfect feet.

Tell me you love them. I want to hear it from your little piggy mouth. And if you do, I will delicately remove my stockings to reveal my perfect little feet. I know how desperate you are for them. But first, I want more oinking. Oink for me pig bitch. Oink and tell me how you adore my feet. Grovel for my freshly pedicured toes. You just can’t help yourself. You wanna squirt your messy piggy load all over them. Oink and obey.

Kiss my divine feet piggy. Show me just how low you are beneath me. And if you want to cum for my feet, you need to spend your piggy cash on them. Oink, spend, and jerk piggy. Worship and obey piggy. You’re trapped beneath my soles. Helpless. Oink oink bitch.

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