HumiliationPOV – Princess Lexie – Brainfucking You Deeper into Your Virtual Brat Addiction

HumiliationPOV - Princess Lexie - Brainfucking You Deeper into Your Virtual Brat Addiction

Look at how pathetic your life has become. I’m sure at some point you were somewhat normal. But now you’ve become this pathetic loser who’s totally addicted to virtual girls on your screen. You’ve lost all your friends, there’s no chance of you ever having a girlfriend because you’ve lost all of your social skills. You’re not fucking anyone, just your hand. LOL! And hot bitchy, bratty girls just like me, have taken over your life. We’re everything now, we’ve become your obsession, your addiction, and there’s no escape for you.

You’re chronically masturbating to us, chronically buying our clips, watching us tease you on your screen. It’s the only way you get hard anymore because you’re so fucking addicted, aren’t you? Yea, say it out loud, “I’m addicted to virtual girls.” And now that you’ve admitted it, you’re totally trapped in my web. And you love every second of it. You don’t want any friends, you don’t want a girlfriend. You just want to sit at home alone, with your dick in your hand, jerking it for me. You have a virtual girl addiction. And you can’t stop, you don’t want to stop.

You’ve become a fucking freak, a freak for virtual, dominant, bratty girls. Isn’t that right, loser? Yea, I know it is. There’s no hope for you. You can’t resist this, you can’t resist me. Your dick just twitches every time I fucking insult you, every time I remind you of your addiction. You just get a little harder, a little weaker, a little deeper into this addiction.

And I’m not going to stop. I’m not going to stop making these clips and fucking with your head. I’m going to further your addiction every chance I get. Because I know how to mess with the mind of an addict. If it doesn’t already, your whole day will soon revolve around me. I’m like a fucking drug. You will wake up needing me. You will go to work to buy my clips. You will come home just to jerk to me. And then you’ll go to bed and the cycle will begin all over again.

So get your dick in your hand and jerk it for me. I want you so stupid, so horny that you can’t think. You don’t need to think idiot. Just let me, your virtual bratty domme take over your life, take over your mind. I’m fucking with you right now. I’m inside your head.

And you’re lucky that I support this habit of yours, aren’t you? Your life is better now. What would you do without me? I bring you some fucking excitement to that boring existence of yours. It’s better now that you’re trapped, it’s better now that you’re addicted. I’m like the needle in your fucking arm, you can’t stop. You don’t want to stop. You’re an addict. It’s not over, I’m just getting started.

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