HumiliationPOV – Princess Lucy – Pay Pig Mindfuck

HumiliationPOV - Princess Lucy - Pay Pig Mindfuck

Hey my little loser pay piggy. Let me hear you oink for me. Oink oink piggy. You’re a fucking little pig, aren’t you? And you love spending your money on these clips. But I have to take time out of my very busy schedule to make them for you. And you buy them for what? Ten dollars. Now does that seem fair? I work so hard to get your stupid piggy cock hard, and you barely have to pay anything. And we both know the more you pay the harder your piggy dick gets. And I’m not compensated nearly enough for the work that I do.

I tease you with my hot body and make you so vulnerable for me. I know how to get inside that piggy brain of yours. It’s not hard. You know that you need to pay more. And I know that turns you on. You love paying me and I fucking hate you. It’s not your money anyway, is it loser? You know that it belongs to me. And you love it when I fucking drain you because you know you have nothing else to offer. And I know that you have no one else in your life to spend your money on. It’s just me. I’m the only one who will pay attention to you. And you need to pay for my attention. Paying me gets your dick so hard, doesn’t it? Just hearing me say those words made your cock twitch, didn’t it?

So get down on your knees and get that wallet out and jerk your stupid piggy cock. I want you horny and stupid. I want you jerking and clicking and paying. Go on, tribute me as you jerk. I know it will make your cock throb. Click, oink, and jerk you stupid pay pig. Spoil me loser. Work yourself into a stupid, mindless pay pig sub space trance. I’m going to wrap you around my cute little finger. And you’re going to love it. You’re going to beg me to take more. You’re going to beg to pay my bills. I’m going to make you so fucking weak.

And as you pay me, I’m going to flip you off and laugh in your face. You love that, don’t you? Jerk and pay, piggy. Show me how much you love this. I’m going to drain you financially loser. And you’re going to thank me each and every time you pay. Because paying me, is a privilege. I know, that nothing else makes you this hard, nothing else makes you cum so hard. I’m going to turn you into my mindfucked little pay pig. But only if you beg me to do it to you.

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