I make you promise to fuck Me really hard

Madam Violet - How I am supposed to cum with THAT

Picture it – you’ve somehow manage to pull the HOTTEST girl from work, the hottest girl you’ve EVER met. I’m in your bed right now, hot and so horny. Making you hard with My words, with My teasing body, My perfect tits, beautiful face, dangerous eyes. I tell you how wet I am, how much I want your COCK deep inside My wet, tight pussy. I make you promise to fuck Me really hard. Then you get it out. It all goes wrong from here. Shocked, confused, pissed off, disgusted. Just a few emotions I express. How could you DO this? How could you get Me all turned on, and then pull out THAT?! How do you even jerk that thing?! After realising you’re still hard after My berating, I humiliate you for getting off on the humiliation!! With morbid curiosity I make you jerk – just so I can see how gross it looks. Ugh! Stop now! I can’t take anymore!Loving the powerless position you’re in I get My tits out and tease over thoughts of rubbing that worm between My huge tits…would you like that? Hmm? Haha! NEVER going to happen, I’d be sick!! I wanna know how much cum that thing produces, cum for Me, NOW, cum on the floor, hurry, I’ve got to go soon, get back out there and find a real man to fuck. Oh and of course I’m going to tell EVERYONE about this, how can I not?!

Includes: sph, mild psychological humiliation, tease and denial, tit worship, topless, boots, lingerie, jerk off instruction.

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