Indigo Augustine – Dirty Bathroom Anal Training

Indigo Augustine - Dirty Bathroom Anal Training

Today I’m going to teach you how to fuck your ass on your toilet. Cause you like dirty sex, you like taking it in the ass, and what better place than in the bathroom. Dirty boy. Look at this big cock that’s going to go in your asshole. You NEED anal training.
So sit the dildo up on your toilet and slowly lower yourself down on it. Push the tip past your asshole and into your ass. Feel it fill you up. Now deeper. Push it all the way in until you feel your ass cheeks on the toilet seat. Then start to bounce, up and down, up and down. Fuck yourself loser.
Faster, I know you’re getting so horny now. Harder. Pound your own ass. Doesn’t that feel good in your slut asshole?
Now since you’re in your bathroom, I know there’s a mirror. I want you to watch yourself. Watch yourself fucking your ass in your bathroom all by yourself, just to please me. Look at what a fucking fool you are, look how sad you look sticking a dildo up your own ass on the toilet. How humiliating!

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