Indigo Augustine – My Little Sissy Bitch

Indigo Augustine - My Little Sissy Bitch

So my little sissy bitch, I’m gonna hold you down and fuck you in the ass with my big strap on. I don’t care whether or not you want it, I’m going to force it deep inside you. I’m going to pound your stupid sissy gay ass until it hurts. Until you cry. Until you beg me to stop. And then I’m going to fuck you some more.

I’m gonna shove it in so hard, so deep. You’re gonna be my filthy fucking anal whore. Look into my eyes as I penetrate your ass. I want to see the desperation in your eyes. I just love fucking your little slut asshole with my strap-on.
You love the pain and pleasure of it. You can’t stop me, you can’t say no. You stupid sissy bitch. Scream for me. I know this is your fantasy, having a hot girl fuck you against your will in a cheap motel room with her strapon.

I’m gonna fuck your horny little ass until you can’t take it anymore and then…. I’m going to get up and leave you here on the bed, sad, pathetic and all alone with a sore asshole. You want me to cum in your ass and leave because it will leave you feeling so worthless and that’s what you crave.

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