Janessa Jordan – Eating all of step daddy’s cum

Janessa Jordan - Eating all of step daddy's cum

Janessa is surprised to see that you have naked photos of her on your computer. It seems odd that you would have such photos of your step daughter, but she is so sexy that you could not resist. You did steal them off of her phone, but she seems more surprised than angry. Now, though, she is distracted by the growing bulge in your pants. Take out that dick and let her see it. You saw her already, so it is only fair. Janessa is pleased with your jacking off technique, but she really wants to get her hand on your dick. Her soft hand takes a few strokes up and down your hard shaft, but then she decides that she needs to get undressed. You are excited to see her sexy body in person instead of those photos. She looks even sexier in person, especially when she asks you if you want to cum all over her. Unable to control herself, Janessa reaches over to jerk off your dick with both of her hands. She works you over till you spill your seed right into her mouth.

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