Jerk4PrincessUK – CHERRY – Ruthless Mental Penetration – Fucked Senseless

Jerk4PrincessUK - CHERRY - Ruthless Mental Penetration - Fucked Senseless

“Your mind is a gaping wet cunt just waiting to be fucked hard”. Goddess Cherry defiles your mind to the core in this invasive and aggressive trance. She’ll have you feeling utterly slutty, no inhibitions, finding joy in the act of being used and abused. Jerk and edge your cock. Sex makes you weak, vulnerable and open to every suggestion and powerful imagery. Her words and firm control are a big hard cock violating your soft defenseless mind. These images flood your mind and become reality.

She’ll turn you into a willing slut as she fucks you senseless. Worship her trance cock. Open wide. Let her take you hard. These ideas are reinforced with intoxicating breath control techniques that will leave you dreamy, confused and so very slutty. Breathe deep and hold for long cruel counts, trying to stay focused on her wicked smiles. You’ll gasp for air as she smothers your mouth and nose with her strong hands and chokes you. You’ll be totally fucked by the time she makes you cum.

Cherry hynotises you to enjoy being used and abuse. She sends you into a trance and proceeds to fuck you senseless with her strapon while getting you to hold your breath for quite long periods of time,

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