Jerking to help Allison Moore deliver her baby – Raylene

Jerking to help Allison Moore deliver her baby - Raylene

Nine months pregnant, Allison is ready to deliver her baby. Her midwife Raylene determines that the best way to get that baby out is with your cum. Allison’s belly is huge and that serves as real inspiration for your jerk session. There is not much time before Allison is ready, so you have to be quick today. She removes her panties and bra and she is fully exposed to you. Raylene massages Allison’s lactating titties and helps her to release some milk, which Allison happily licks off of her huge tits. Both of them give you all the verbal encouragement that they possibly can. You cannot believe how sexy Allison is at her 9th month of pregnancy. You are directed to cum all over Allison’s heavily pregnant pussy and you know that Allison is nearly ready to deliver! Are you ready? Uh-oh! You have p a s s e d o u t, but that won’t stop Allison. She is having that baby with or without your help.

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