Jessie Jensen – Eat Cum When You See A Hottie

Jessie Jensen - Eat Cum When You See A Hottie

I have a hilarious cum-eating challenge for you today. You’re gonna be guzzling down so much cum your belly will be bursting! I’m going to make you scurry off to eat your own cum every time you see a hot girl LOL. So this is how it’s going to work – you can fill your pockets with used condoms or you can use fresh cumloads as you go but throughout the day, every single time you see a hot girl you’re going to head in to the nearest bathroom and fill your mouth with cum. Think of that cute girl while she’s still fresh in yor mind as you jerk your load into your hand, or empty the contents of one of those disgusting cum-bags directly into your mouth and then swallow it down like a good little cumslut. HAHA Enjoy your first mouth of cum loser? Well it’s not over yet – head back out and try to avoid looking at any more hot girls. Oh but did I mention I want you to head into Victoria’s Secret to browse for panties? Too bad for you loser – all the hot sales girls will totally get right in your space and before you know it – you’ll be back in the bathroom slurping down another load. Have you worked out the purpose of the challenge yet cumboi? LOL. I’m programming your mind to associate the thought of hot girls with the taste of your own cumloads. Sooner or later every time you see a beautiful girl swish her long hair, hear the click of heels, or smell her cute perfume you’ll be craving cum in your mouth HAHA. Too bad the two don’t go together – I’m going to fuck your mind up forever with this cum eating assignment!


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