Jocelyn – Fall Deeper In Love, While I Tell You NO

Jocelyn - Fall Deeper In Love, While I Tell You NO

You LOVE me. You want to hug and cuddle me. You wish you were waking up in bed next to me. That’s so sweet. I know you even dream about me. But NO, no, no, that will never, ever, ever happen. Does that make your cock get hard when I tell you no?

You crave my rejection. You couldn’t handle me. I need a real confident, strong man with a huge cock. You are just a loser who sits by his computer all day.

Tell me you love me. Scream it, call out my name. Become further entranced with me. Get down on your knees and worship me. But know… that you will never have me! This video is the closest you will get you little tiny dicked loser!

I love listening to how much you love me. And I love telling you NO. It is so much fun to reject you. To feel your love, your devotion and then push you further and further away. The sad thing is, this only makes you want me more and more. You are my slave.

Now tell me you know you will never have me because you are a loser. Tell me again and again, “I love you, but I know I will NEVER have you.” Hahaha. You see I know how to keep you coming back for more by rejecting you. I am deep inside your head.

Look deep into my eyes and listen as I you with my words.. no… never… never gonna happen. Loser

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