Jojo Kiss – Hotter than your girlfriend

Jojo Kiss - Hotter than your girlfriend

Tonight Jojo has a date and she wants your opinion on her dress. Do you like it? Even though you have a girlfriend, you are definitely eyeing up Jojo. She looks hot in her skimpy dress. Wait – are you getting hard? You totally are and Jojo does not really mind. In fact, she tells you to pull out your cock. She takes off her dress to reveal a tiny g-string and a matching bra. Her body is very sexy, though different than your girlfriend. You love all types of women, though. Very unexpectedly, Jojo takes off her bra and begs you to keep stroking off. Then she slides down her g-string and shows you her pussy and asshole. What just happened here?? You cannot believe what has transpired, but you do not want to stop now. She has a little bit of pubic hair and a small ass. You love her long hair. Jojo tells you to jerk off for her today like you do in private. Grab that cock nice and hard and stroke it faster. Jojo wants to see you cum right now. Your load makes her giggle in excitement, but she quickly leaves you there with your jizzy mess so that she can go on her date.

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