Kaitlin Grey, Emma Green – Hey maggot boy

Kaitlin Grey, Emma Green - Hey maggot boy

You could never get girls like us. That teeny tiny worm is a complete embarrassment to the male kind. A huge disappointment in so many ways and just another reason you are a total loser.

Eurgh that is gross, you must feel retarded to have such a vile, irrelevant thing attached to you. Have you ever thought of just giving up, forgetting your sorry excuse of an existence as a man? I mean, you would want to hide that away forever. I would want to hide away forever if I was you!We hate tiny little maggot dicks, shrivelled up mushrooms, baby dicks, pin dicks, the list goes on. Basically any dick that is under the perfect 8 makes me shudder, and come up in hives. You must feel pretty ashamed of yourself, the size of your dick really does say the kind of man you are and you are just the lowest of the low.

You do realise your dick is there to satisfy women and that little thing isn’t satisfy anything nor anyone. You probably already know that, I very much doubt anyone would let you near them with ‘that’ YUK!


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