Kat Dior – You’re Queen Kat’s bitch today

Kat Dior - You're Queen Kat's bitch today

Kat is certain to let you know where you stand with her and that is nowhere. You are a pathetic loser and you could never get a girl as hot as Kat. You are so sad because Kat knows that you are already touching yourself as you watch her. She is a bit of a brat girl, but you like that. At least she is talking to you, right? Then she informs you that you must call her Queen Kat and you must do all she tells you. You take your dick out and she makes you put it back into your pants. Who do you think you are, loser? You will do only as you are told. Unzip your pants now, but do not touch your dick yet. She begins to tease you by taking off her bra slowly. You wish you could put your face between those sweet titties, but instead you are ordered to slap your dick for Queen Kat. As you look at her, you can see that she has some dark bush peeking through her light blue panties, but again you know that you will never have it. “Drain your fucking sack,” she teases as she demands you cum right now just for your Queen.


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